All about Elena K

   If your family, your life, and your friends mean the world to you as they do to me, let me put to work for you my 25 years of experience in photographing people at the most important stages in their lives.

    Are looking for Walmart style snapshots, or do you prefer stunning images that bring tears of joy to your eyes every time you see them? If it's the latter, I might be the right photographer for you.

  Due to the custom nature of my work, I have a wide range of products and services to match your every want and then some! I love my clients and what I can do to inspire, awe, and amaze them.

   Yes, you may invest a little more than you would with the average photographer out there; but once you see your images, you'll understand why I think what I do is far above average!


   Above all, I 100% guarantee all my work. If you aren't completely satisfied, every cent you've invested with me will be gladly returned to you.

   Contact me directly at 701-274-8952 for information on fees for the following sessions and products:
-Renaissance Family
-Contemporary Female Portraits
-Special Event/Request

For your memories: It's better to say, "I'm glad I did" instead of "I wish I had".

Let's do something to make you glad today!


Elena K